The 2013 reunion was outstanding. Kudos to the Atlanta, GA crew for a job well done. We are definitely looking forward to seeing you all this summer in St. Louis where the Gateway City awaits you.

On behalf of the Price/Dawson Family Commitee here in St. Louis, I would like to first give glory to God for allowing us to celebrate 42 consecutive years of our family and heritage. We've had some storms, but by the grace of God we made it through.

Our goal as the host city is to give you a reunion that reflects the beauty and love that we as a family share. This is a reunion you do not want to miss. Reunion planning for the 2014 reunion is in progress! Our family reunion is a special time to reflect on the past, enjoy the present and inspire the future. Our committee is diligently working to design a reunion that is memorable for each generation.

In an effort to keep up with one another and the way technology is vastly changing please continue to check the family website, Facebook, Twitter and your e-mail. We will keep the family website updated so please check it regularly. Information on the site will include dates, hotels itineraries, maps and so much more. This family site will also give anyone who is web savvy an opportunity to communicate with our family. Please, please, please take advantage.

"Family is where life begins and love never ends."
St. Louis Crew



The 2014 family reunion saw a meeting regarding the future locations of the family reunion.

The meeting was called to order by Charles Putman and seconded by John Gardner.

It was held for approximately thirty-five minutes. The following suggestions were motioned and approved for the next four family reunions:

Washington, D.C. for 2015

Detroit, Michigan for 2016

Chicago, IL 2017

California (Bay Area) for 2018